Home Improvement Services in Lititz, PA

At Marcus Moore Restoration of Lititz, PA, we take great pride in our home improvement work and we’re happy to share references about our building restoration services. We enjoy restoring the original look of our customers’ homes and helping them save money by avoiding work they didn’t need done. Our job is to bring your structure back to life and to keep history alive. This adds value to your home, office building, or structure, and we truly enjoy seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces when they see the work we’ve done.

Exceptional Spaces Deserve Exceptional Service

As respected experts in our field, we are able to restore existing plaster moldings in 18th, 19th, and 20th Century environments, as well as provide farmhouse restorations. Additionally, we restore and recreate ornamental plaster. We’ll plaster over old walls and ceilings that have been damaged, and we repair and patch plaster of all types. Where required, we’ll even apply veneer plaster or base coats over blue board.


A Reflection of Your Personal Taste

Each home improvement service that we offer takes into consideration your own personal preferences and echoes the qualities and lifestyles that you hold dear. We promise that you will never be disappointed by our work. Instead, you’ll be delighted by our restoration for its historical accuracy and customized options.

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