Plaster Repair Services in Lititz, PA

Plaster is an excellent choice as a building material for your home to finish the walls and ceilings. It’s durable and provides a classic look when applied with that goal by a skilled plasterer. It is also versatile enough for elaborate decorative flourishes throughout your house. If your residence has plaster surfaces, you may find that over the years, there are areas where the surface doesn’t look as it could. That’s when you can depend on us for our plaster repair services in Lititz, PA.

As a plastering company that’s been dependable for years, we know what it takes to make plaster look new. Our process involves identifying what has caused the problem and then taking steps to eliminate it and prevent it from happening again. We approach each plaster restoration project intending to bring each surface back to its original appearance, whether it’s a historic home or one that’s a much-loved family dwelling.

Our approach to plaster molding repair is much the same. This service is often part of a restoration project. We have the skills to match the grandeur of any molding while adding and shaping plaster that integrates flawlessly into the original work.